Kiwi Pinkberry Sour is a Hybrid which is a combination of Kiwi Skunk and Pink Berry. Kiwi Skunk is a high yielding strain has always been referred to as the stress reliever because it makes the patient feel happy instantly, evident by the the patients bursting into giggles. Not only this, the effective properties of this strain alleviate muscular tension by relaxing the muscles. It reduces nausea as well. To top that, it can be taken in times of severe migraines and stress as the instantaneous high from THC content plays a major role in quick remedies, but at the cost of feeling lazy. While Pink Berry is by Apothecary Genetics is a delicious indica-dominant strain with relaxation on tap. This strain is the heavy-hitting combination of Pink Champagne and Blackberry, offering sweet, fruity overtones while keeping a root firmly planted in OG genetics. Pink Berry fills the mind with uplifting, euphoric energy while simultaneously weighing the limbs down with deep relaxation, making it ideal for consumers seeking relief from restlessness, chronic physical pain, and cranky moods.

$100 1/2 OUNCE SPECIAL - KIWI PINKBERRY SOUR - Mendo Organics - THC 20.50%


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