REACT, a special edition line of products aiming to raise awareness around six social issues and causes. A portion of the proceeds of Platinum’s REACT-themed vape cartridges are donated to a variety of charities focusing on social issues including suicide prevention, veteran support, world hunger, animal rescue, breast cancer awareness and pediatric medical care. Animal Rescue proceeds in California will go towards the charitable foundation Wags & Walks. Platinum Vape is the number one herbal concentrate vaporizer pen on the market. Bred by the Canadian seed bank BC Bud Depot, the indica-leaning Animal Cookies is a cross between Fire OG and an award-winning cut of GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies), which won the 2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. Packed with a cherry cookie flavor, Animal Cookies was bred when the breeder attempted to improve the already coveted Girl Scout Cookies strain. Animal Cookies strain is reported to produce medium-size, popcorn-shaped buds that are enveloped with wispy orange stimgas and a generous amount of sticky white trichomes. 


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