Our standard Pre Rolled Joints contains 1 gram of premium flower, 1 glass tip, and 1 strain specific Live Resin or Shatter infused Lift Ticket.

-These products are hand crafted to perfection by our highly skilled elite team of craftsmen. Though they are hand crafted, there is no saliva used, and they are all perfectly uniform in appearance.

-Every pound of “A” grade fully trimmed Cannabis (ready for jars) that goes into our Pre Rolls is hand selected by the founder of Lift Tickets himself, then sent threw a rigorous “De Stemming” process, where a majority of remaining stem and leave material is completely removed from the flower. This is done by hand to assure only the FINEST portions of this plant make it into our joints. After production, all joints are sent threw another rigorous quality control check before packaging.

-Our 1 gram, glass tip, live resin infused joint won 1st place in the first ever Pre Roll Category of High Times Cannabis Cup at the “Harvest Cup” 2017.

-We take extreme pride in producing our premium hand crafted products, and it shows in the final product.

-Strain Specific.

-Slowest burning paper on the market.

-Easy to roll (Infused paper provides support and grip)

-Increases potency and effect with no extra effort.

-Increased taste of high grade Cannabis.

-Fully infused Paper.

-Like a Dab in every puff.

The Cuvee Cookies buds offer the cherries, berries and chocolate flavor profile of the Cuvee strain with the classic G.S.C. potency. This extremely rare treat has a delectable aroma, reminiscent of sweetened cherries and blueberries. A slight tang of lemon is also present. Upon inhale, the flavor is sweet, while upon exhale you may notice a chocolatey tingle on your taste-buds. The high of Cuvee Cookies is supremely relaxing and felt throughout the body, relieving any aches and pains you may of had. Coming on in waves of delight, the happy high is mood elevating and may spark the giggles. These relaxing effects make Cuvee Cookies a great strain for evening use with friends and for mild pain relief - paired with THC BOMB live resin.



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