"Doc's OG" is an Indica heavy hybrid that produces above average yields super dank buds in a short amount of time. This well built hybrid is the combination of a very rare and potent, Face-Off OG that was bred with their very own, Rare Dankness #1.  This insanely hybrid provides you with a very bold and earthy OG Kush flavor and aroma with a spicy finish that quickly grabs the attention of your taste buds. For an Indica dominant hybrid the "Doc's OG" actually has a rather strong facial high that sits heavy on your eyelids while it's relaxing and sedative body stone quickly courses it's way through your veins, leaving you looking for a place to sit down as soon as possible while your head spins into the sky.

DOC'S OG I Mendo Organics | THC 19.37% (Indica Dominant)

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