The V-Mod by EUREKA is a rugged, powerful, and easy to use variable voltage cartridge battery that is made available in both a basic set (no cartridge) and complete kit (includes cartridge). This portable concentrate vaporizer raises the bar with its massive 900mAh battery and supports top and bottom airflow 510 thread concentrate attachments measuring up to an impressive 11.5mm in diameter.


With the V-Mod in hand, you are equipped with three preset voltage output settings that collectively will cover all of your concentrate heating needs. Depending on the material you are vaporizing you may need a higher or lower output to achieve satisfying results, with the Vmod you are covered on all ends.


The vaporizer is operated via a single massive control button with a surrounding LED color light indicator that makes it ultra convenient and easy to use. Press the power button 5x rapidly to turn the device or to lock the battery for safe travel.


After the V-Mod is on you can switch through it's voltage power settings by quickly pressing the control button three times. With each change in voltage you will see a change in the LED indicator (2.6V Green, 3.2V Yellow, 4.0V Red). After you've set you ideal output it will remember that setting and adjust to that level for your next session.


EUREKA's V Mod battery features an optional 15 second preheat function that helps to ensure you are getting the absolute most out of your concentrates. There's nothing worse than losing a good amount of material to the corners and crevices of your cartridges. Instead of just leaving it there to go to waste, quickly press the control button two times and the V mod will use a low voltage to heat your attachments just enough to loosen up any material inside and allow it to work it's way down to the coil.



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