5 STAR HASHISH ROSIN | 100% SOLVENT-FREE OILSince the dawn of butane and CO2 concentrates, all cultivators and novelists alike at one point or another come to the holiest of holy questions: Why on Earth would someone take an organic pesticide free plant and process it with CO2 or butane when people have been doing it with water for thousands of years?The flavorful experience expected from Cannabis comes from a combination of terpene rich oils found inside of the trichome gland. Ice Water Hashish preserves this trichrome gland so that natural level of oils and terpenes remain high to the point of aromatic splendor upon concentration. To further refine this gorgeous material, a precise heat application is pressed to the dried ice water hashish. This golden bough of majestic, honey-like, oily, effervescent goo is rosin. Completely solvent-less, this is hash oil fully refined,

HASHISH ROSIN | 1g | VELVET GOO | Hella Dank | THC 60.15%

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