Kosher Dawg, (also referred to as Hebrew National), was created by the team at DNA Genetics by crossing JJ’s StarDawg (Guava) with their in-house Kosher Kush cultivar. The breeders selected Kosher Dawg’s parents for their award-winning pedigrees. StarDawg won “Best Sativa” at the 2012 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup, while Kosher Kush won prizes in both 2010 and 2011 for heavy-hitting THC content. Kosher Dawg grows best under the hand of growers with some experience, reaching medium heights and full maturity in nine weeks. Its buds feature a vibrant green coloring with brown undertones and a coat of glittering trichomes.

KOSHER DAWG (Smalls) - Dimebag - THC 17.93%

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