EMON, CITRUS, EARTHY 100% Sauce, 0% Distillate Loudpack’s world-class live resin is now available in thief disposable vape pens. Thier live resin, is the foundation of the Loudpack name, is derived from the highest quality flower grown at our facility. Extraction takes place in our purpose-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing lab whichpreserves the highest levels of natural terpenes. ethod of Extraction: Butane  Form: Live SugarType: Sativa-dominant Hybrid (60%/40%)Genotype:  Lemon OG   =  Las Vegas Lemon Skunk  X  OG #18  a.k.a.: Presidential Kush, Lemon OG KushThe original breeder is DNA Genetics.  Physical Characteristics: This live sugar was not a typical pureed, baby food consistency, but rather very soft, crystal-laden solids of mustard-yellow color. Admittedly, the product pic I took isn't great and doesn't do it justice . Effects: A wonderful combo of euphoric happiness from head-to-toe, coupled with an urge to get up and go. Huh, poet and don’t know it. This is not your mommy’s Durban Poison adrenaline though. The Sativa influence is headier with less raw power, though still a serious motivator. Go low and slow with this one, folks, until you become acclimated to the high. It has a creeper element and the potential for raciness and/or anxiety at higher doses.  Duration of Effects: 2.5 - 3.5+ hours, depending on dosageMay Help With: Helped with fatigue and stress. May also help with depression, PTSD, OCD, nausea & increased appetite (e.g., may help with chemotherapy side effects), mild pain (and more).



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