A unique mixture of pressed Rosin and Ice Water Hash. Each jar is filled with 4 grams of the extremely potent mixture. The two concentrates are made from beautifully grown flower that is completely organic and non-GMO. Sprinkle this in any joint, bowl, or spliff to enjoy an added strength to your usual smoking routine.  What is Rosin Hash? Rosin Hash is a mixture of bubble-hash and pressed Rosin. Made by pressing flower into and oil form (similar to wax) and then mixing that flower with hash. This creates an extremely potent mixture of two different concentrates, leaving the product with a unique flavor. Rosin Hash is able to be sprinkled onto joints, bowls, spliffs, or baked into homemade edibles.

ROSIN HASH (4 Grams) - Leef Organics -THC: 27.52%


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