A thought-provoking strain, Super Sour Diesel is a head-turner in the 420 community for its powerful sativa influence. Its blows the mind away with a strong cerebral gust and users will be swept in psychoactive delight. Novice users should take caution because it is not for the weak-minded.

Acting as a celebrity child of two cannabis giants, Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, the fusion creates twofold version of classic sativa qualities. Indeed, this strain is super in its purest form.

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Its oddly-pleasant odor of spilled gasoline is mostly due to Sour Diesel, but the rest simply magnify a mind-altering experience. It’s a happy kicker that hits fast and hard, making this a quintessential wake-and-bake type that puts people in the mood to be productive for hours.

$45 SUPER SOUR DIESEL | Humboldt Kingz l THC 26.10% | (Sativa Dominant)

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