The Monarch, brings you the pure essence of Cannabis flower in strain specific small batch offerings. By using our proprietary steam distillation technology, we extract the unaltered full spectrum bouquet of aromatic terpenes, from hand selected, estate grown LEGION flower. The award winning Monarch features ultra pure, high THC, 3 x refined cannabis oil, complimented with full spectrum single source cannabis derived terpenes, “CDT’s”. The Monarch is showcased in a glass cartridge with a ceramic heating element for a better tasting and healthier experience. Available in strain specific Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties, and boasting a 75-85% THC range. The Monarch provides a discreet and easy, cannabis vaping experience. Notes of tropical fruit, grapefruit and sweet musk.  iller price on an effective Sativa strain. Sour Glue is a Sativa-dominant, pretty much a pure Sativa, genetic masterpiece. The Stellar Growers gave us an early 4/20 gift for all of your! Since this is one of the very first harvests they have been able to hang, trim, and cure we got a killer 4/20 price for you to try it out. The burn is so clean and white. This strain is the pinnacle uplifting and euphoric... not to mention the effects are uber long lasting. Her strong cerebral effects come coupled with a distinct skunky diesel aroma underscored by accents of sweet woody pine and citrus. Imagine a fresh lemonade spilled all over your fresh cedar picnic table and there's a lawnmower running in the background so that you get that little diesel hint to the smell right in front of you. 

THE MONARCH SOUR GLUE - Legion of Bloom - THC 81.0%(Sativa)


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