Watermelon Rancher has an aroma that makes you want to just stick your nose in and inhale. The fragrant, sweet fruitiness is balanced with a sharp, sour melon that carries over into the medium-bodied smoke. There’s a residual tart fruitiness in the aftertaste but this strain truly shines in its perfume. It’s safe to assume that Watermelon and Jolly Rancher feature heavily in its genetics. The result is a nice combination of head and body effects. The head effects settle mainly around the eyes with a pleasing, relaxed sensation in the body. It’s easy to see this strain being effective for pain relief. A long-lasting, calm, dreaminess is the overall result. Watermelon Rancher is a great afternoon break or early evening strain in smaller amounts and a great way to end your day and prepare for bed with a few more tokes. Watermelon Rancher is a dreamy calming strain with the aroma of sour candied fruits. Long lasting and peaceful, it makes a wonderful break from the stress of everyday life.


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